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Lucky Beans News November 2021 (English version)

Dear Friends and Supporters,

As 2021 draws to a close, I would like to offer some impulses from our children’s projects in South Africa over the past year.

Despite the obvious challenges that we all had to face on different levels, our children were still sponsored and our projects continued.

In July this year, South Africa was gripped by a frenzy of looting, rioting and arson in Kwazulu Natal after the imprisonment of former President Jacob Zuma. They experienced the worse scenes of violence since the advent of democracy in 1994.

Many communities rallied together to protect their homes, business and communities. Despite the chaos there was an incredible solidarity amongst many people.

What always touches me deeply is the sheer determination, courage and creativity of the South Africans, who are used to facing adversity.

This is why we continue to stay connected to these communities and amazing people, who are determined to live life fully and offer the children a positive future.


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