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News and project updates

Ostern in Lidgetton (english)

Dear friends,

Over the Easter period, I travelled to my homeland South Africa, where I could combine teaching yoga, being at “home”, and meeting with the children and the LCP team.

Just after Easter, accompanied by my sister and father, we made a small Easter party for the children - naturally with yummy sweets and chocolates! They were very happy. Small gifts go a long way there.

As for the Soup Kitchen project, as always, small steps in Africa…we came up with a plan for the Soup Kitchen, which will be constructed out of 2 recycled shipping containers. These will be prepared by a company who specialise in refurbishing recycled containers. So, the plans are set to go.

The piece of land needs to be levelled, wire fence put up around the property, and an entrance constructed.
Now we are waiting for Nokthula, who will hopefully be able to start building her house soon. This will be on the same piece of land.
Once their construction is underway, we will be able to bring in the containers.

More updates to follow….as and when there is progress.

Spring greetings


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