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Aphile and her remarkable music journey

Music Voyage contacted us about reaching out for sponsorship for this remarkable young girl....

"Aphile is a 12 year old girl living in an informal settlement in Lidgetton. She lives with her mother, grandmother and various children for which they are responsible. Her current circumstances mean a poor education and an extremely impoverished lifestyle.

Aphile started attending Church at a parish outside the settlement in which they offered Sunday School and Choir singing to local children. One of our Music Voyage teachers who is also a member of the parish, started to teach her and a few other children to play the recorder. She immediately noticed Aphile’s natural musical talent.

In the past 3 years, Aphile has proved herself to be diligent and committed and she makes a huge effort to attend her lessons each week. We have assisted Aphile in entering into Eisteddfods in Pietermaritzburg, the most recent of which, she received a gold certificate and was invited to play in the best of the Eisteddfod concert. This was a huge achievement for her as she was able to play alongside children from very different economic backgrounds from her own. Subsequent to the Eisteddfod we entered Aphile into the Trinity College London music exam, which she passed with distinction. She is so proud of this and so are we.

We have realised that Aphile needs to be supported in her music. We took a chance and applied to a neighbouring Choir school, Drakondale, for a bursary for Aphile. After numerous tests and auditions, she was accepted and granted a 50% scholarship! This school would not only take Aphile on the musical journey of her dreams, but also provide her with a solid education. It is also a boarding school which would provide meals, comfortable sleeping arrangements and hygiene, all of which she is not accustomed to in her present situation.

Aphile is a student who shows tremendous musical talent and there is no limit to her capability. We trust that we will help Aphile to realise her dreams and secure her musical and academic future".


Would you be inspired to support Aphile on something much more than just her music journey?

This is an opportunity for her to receive a remarkable education and excel in her passion for music.

Her fees for Drakondale are: €3233/year (pending on the present exchange rate). If 20 people support her, this would be €161 each per year. Her education is 5 years. This is an investment, not in something but in someone.

As we draw nearer to Christmas, please give this some thought - it is so easy to give money away at Christmas, for things that we probably don't always really need. This is an opportunity to give to a child who can live out a dream.

In Gratitude,